Neck and Upper back pain

Many of our patients turn to Prolotherapy for chronic neck and back pain after failing physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture and occasionally after failed surgery. Prolotherapy is often very effective for these conditions because it
focuses on strengthening the ligaments that stabilize the spine.

Prolotherapy repairs the stretched and unstable ligaments. When the ligament strength is restored the overworked muscles relax and rebalance. Muscle tension decreases and pain is relieved and range of motion is restored. Exercise to strengthen the area can then be accomplished to complete the treatment.

Effective treatment that didn’t work

Most of our patients have failed other therapies either because the relief did not occur or did not last. Pain medications temporarily reduce pain. Massage helps the muscles but does not address the deepest ligaments. Manipulation helps spinal alignment, acupuncture may provide temporary relief, physical therapy exercises may aggravate the injury. If these effective therapies do not adequately address the pain investigating prolotherapy to strengthen the ligaments is a
logical next step.

Never well since that car accident? Chronic neck pain often begins with some trauma that causes whiplash that stretch and destabilize the ligaments of the neck. Headaches often are from injuries to the ligaments that connect the neck to the base of the skull. Chronic mid neck pain often results from overworked muscles holding up the head because the ligaments are injured.

Many of our patients have had X-rays and MRI’s and we ask that you bring your reports to your visit. If you have films or CD’s bring them also. Reports indicate if spinal degeneration, herniated disks and arthritic changes are mild, moderate or severe. We assess these carefully looking for the significant areas that can be treated effectively. 

We all have mileage on our physical frame and that shows on MRI’s which detect many minute defects some of which may be irrelevant to your pain. A good physical exam, careful assessment of imaging and clinical experience is needed to design a treatment plan that will decrease pain, increase function to the extent possible. 

Note: there are limits to what prolotherapy and Platelet therapy can accomplish.

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When I came to Dr Mike, I had chronic pain from my osteoarthritis in my knees, and hip. Also very painful plantar fasciitis in my left foot. After one treatment I was much more mobile and after three treatments I am pain free and fully active. I had so many treatments before and none worked like Prolotherapy.


I had an amazing experience with my treatments here. Prolotherapy and PRP is an tremendous form of treatment to fix and heal a variety of joint problems and I doubt that there's anybody who does it better than Dr . Michael Cronin and his staff. I've always looked forward to going here as I feel very welcomed and I know how effective it is in my healing. I couldn't be happier!

Jeb G. Scottsdale, AZ

I've been working with the team at Naturopathic Physicians Group for a long time and can't say enough good things about them. Dr. Cronin is easily the most intelligent and well versed Naturopath I have ever met! You can't go wrong with this team

Kasim Aslam